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7 signs you need to let go of your current home

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It’s always hard to let go of your current home – even when it’s become clear you’ll have to move to new digs that better suit your changing needs.

Here are the 7 ways to tell you’ve outgrown your old home:

  1. You lack storage space

    If it gets harder and harder to find a place to store your stuff, and you’ve used every decorator’s trick in the book to maximize your current space, it’s time to start browsing homes for sale. There’s also only so much reorganizing you can do before you realize that the size of your house space doesn’t work for you anymore. Moving to a bigger and more spacious home will give you more room for your belongings.

  2. Your family is growing

    Is there another baby on the way? An ageing parent moving in with you? If so, it’s time to seriously consider moving into a larger home. Call your Realtor today.

  3. There’s too much space

    When the kids are off to college and there are suddenly a lot of unused rooms in your house, it’s time to downsize. Moving to a smaller home means spending less on maintenance and utilities. It may also lift the blues of an empty nest because a new community offers fresh opportunities to socialize and make new friends.

  4. You’re ready for an upgrade

    You’ve scrimped and saved and done the math. Yes, you can finally leave behind your starter home and move into a place you’ve always dreamed of. Your upgraded home can have the amenities you’ve always wanted, such a swimming pool, a basketball court, or a gym.

  5. You’re concerned about the neighborhood

    If you find yourself having safety and security concerns about your current neighborhood, it may be time to move. A new place is best way to keep you and your family from potentially dangerous situations. Other neighborhood concerns could be due to rowdy neighbors, barking dogs, or environmental risks.

  6. Maintaining your current house is costly

    It’s perfectly fine to spend for house repairs every now and then. But if you find yourself having to repair a different corner of the house with increasing frequency, it’s a clear sign that you should look for a new place.

    A house that has become too high maintenance and time-consuming is not worth the bother. You may actually save money if you moved to a new, more efficient home.

  7. The commute is too much

    Everyone knows that while commuting can be quite the hassle, it’s a part of the daily grind. But if the time you spend on the road means missing most family dinners or leaves you exhausted, it’s time to rethink your living situation. The stressful commute to and from work will not be worth it in the long run.

    Consider moving to an area that is closer to your place of work. Doing so gives you more time to sleep, bond with the family, and achieve work-life balance.

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