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10 staging tips that will help your property sell quickly

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Tip No. 6: Accessorize with purpose

Selling your house is a process that needs the right amount of time, effort, and patience. But like anything that you wish to sell, you can always do something to attract more potential buyers.

Home staging can be made simple and affordable. Keep these tips in mind to get you started so you can sell your home with as much ease as possible.

  1. Enhance curb appeal
    Impress potential buyers from the get go. Make sure your home looks welcoming from the outside. Spruce up your front yard. Add plants. Apply a fresh coat of paint to your front door – and then replace door knockers, house numbers, and the door handle to complement the paint job.
  2. Make sure your master bedroom has universal appeal
    From the furniture to the colors, the master bedroom should be designed and arranged so it appeals to all genders. Just make sure that the accessories you choose complement the theme you have chosen.
  3. Turn your fireplace into a beautiful focal point
    If your home has a fireplace, keep it clean with some soap and water. You can also repaint it to make it look more polished.
  4. Paint your walls to make rooms seem more spacious
    Paint your walls the same color as the adjacent room or the same color as your window curtains for a seamless and more spacious look. Remember to keep your colors neutral so they appeal to all. Painting is an easy fix as opposed to a major renovation project like a room addition.
  5. Get rid of unnecessary clutter and feature storage spaces
    Seeing less clutter and more storage space can attract more buyers. If you are able to purchase multi-functional furniture that doubles as storage space, then go for it.
  6. Accessorize with purpose
    Be smart when you choose your accessories. Every piece should accentuate the style of the space and have a purpose as to why it is there.
  7. Freshen up your patio and/or garden
    A clean and brand new-looking patio and a well-kept garden will no doubt draw in more home buyers. Repaint or replace the tiles and maintain your garden so that you can set a good first impression.
  8. Invest in the kitchen
    A fully functioning kitchen can actually close the deal. Huge plus if you are able to provide up-to-date appliances that also complement the kitchen’s design.
  9. Let natural light in
    Replace heavy and dark-colored curtains or shades with something that lets the sunshine through. Or, you can simply pull the shades or draw the curtains when you show your buyers around during the daytime.
  10. Make sure your home smells good
    Get rid of bad odors or anything that will remind the buyers of anything unpleasant. You can add some fresh flowers or plants or install an air diffuser to help keep the home smelling good at all times.

Staging your home to attract the right buyers need not be costly. Be resourceful and only invest in the right items, and you will be able to sell your property in no time.

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