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5 Famous Landmarks to Visit in Downtown Scottsdale

Scottsdale, AZ, USA - February 22, 2016:  Victoria’s Secret, an American chain featuring premium lingerie and beauty products, retail store in the Scottsdale Fashion Square on E Camelback Rd.

Are you planning a visit to downtown Scottsdale this season? If you’re hoping to stop by the city center with your friends or family, you’ll come across a number of famous landmarks. This historic area is home to a number of sights that you can enjoy with your loved ones whether you’re living in Scottsdale, or you’re visiting the area.

Because you’ll discover the city’s rich history and vibrant culture as you make your way through downtown, take your time to see the different delights that make Scottsdale a beautiful place to be in Arizona.

Here are 5 famous landmarks to visit in downtown Scottsdale next time you’re in the area:

  1. Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

    SMoCA is the place to go if you’re looking to experience the city’s art scene first-hand while you’re out and about in Scottsdale. Given that you can stop by the museum for an exhibition, event or special program, add it to your list as one of the area’s most recognizable buildings and a place to learn about art, architecture and design.

  2. Sugar Bowl Ice Cream Parlor

    For the days when you’re looking for something yummy in downtown Scottsdale, you can satisfy your sweet tooth by making your way to this cotton-candy pink shop. This ice cream parlor has been treating the city’s pedestrians to delicious snacks for over 50 years, so join in on the fun and make history on a hot Arizona afternoon.

  3. Scottsdale Fashion Square

    This famous landmark is the go-to place for Scottsdale residents and visitors alike who want to do some shopping while they’re downtown. Because you’ll find shops, restaurants, bars and more in this area, you can do more than shop until you drop in this bustling destination for walking, eating and drinking with friends and family.

  4. The Arts District

    When you’re looking to take in the city’s art scene beyond a visit to the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, you can take a walk through the Arts District. The galleries welcome browsers and buyers, so you’ll get a chance to either look at or purchase the pieces of art that catch your eye during your time at the city center.

  5. Scottsdale Civic Center Park

    The great outdoors is one of the most valuable assets Scottsdale has to offer its residents and visitors, and you can experience its natural beauty at this park. When you’re taking a stroll through the downtown area on a warm, sunny day, you can enjoy wide open spaces while browsing the city’s renowned public art collection.

Once you’re familiar with these 5 famous landmarks to visit in downtown Scottsdale, you’ll get to experience the city in an exciting new way. This part of Arizona is known for its natural beauty and man-made wonders, which you’ll experience right in the city center. When you’re ready to take in the heart and soul of Scottsdale with your loved ones, head over to downtown and spend some time getting to know these popular locations.

I would also be happy to discuss the other in attractions in Scottsdale, Arizona with you in more detail, so please don’t hesitate to contact me to learn more about this gorgeous city today.